Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Round and round we go.

Onto the next cycle, boo-hiss.  I had a doctors appointment yesterday and she seemed very surprised that I wasn't pregnant.  She gave me a refill for the next 4 months of the same dose since it worked well.  She also asked if I would like to take it from days 3-7 instead, higher chance of twins, my response "one is enough". We went over all of the labs again, and again she reassured me that everything is where it should be. I did have a meltdown/pity party on Saturday. I think I have been holding everything together for so long that I just let loose. The tears flowed, a little hyperventilating happened, and of course there wasn't anyone around but the dog. Thanks for being a shoulder to cry on Rossi, she deserves more dog cookies then I could ever provide her with.  So here we go again,  repeats over and over "chin up".

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