Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Nicole's ovaries vs Clomid, Round 3.

In this corner we have Nicole's ovaries weighing in at mere ounces. In the other corner we have Clomid, the elusive fertility drug, weighing in at 50 mg. Bell rings and round three begins. I just popped the first of five pills last night. If this is going to work it is supposed to in the first three months, so I am hoping that third time is a charm, right? Ry and I had a heart to heart about our journey for a child a few nights ago and we developed a new plan. After the clomid treatment is done we were going to be referred to a reproductive endocrinologist, to start getting more aggressive. We aren't ready. Financially we can't afford to pay out of pocket for these types of treatments. So my new insurance covers acupuncture, and this will be our next step if we need to jump this hurdle. There is a lot of evidence that traditional chinese medicine is very successful. This wouldn't be until December, but you have to plan ahead. In other news I have started a weight loss plan and lost 6lbs, woohoo. Now I just have to stay motivated!

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