Wednesday, October 7, 2009

One of those days.

I did jinx myself. Guess who arrived, yep af. I am handling it better then I had thought.  I have to go in on Tuesday for more blood work and will start my dose of clomid on Friday. I did get a call from my doctor this week with some of my test results. my prolactin level was normal, but my progesterone was very low- just as I had suspected. My level was 4.9, it needs to be above 10, ideally 20. It is high enough to show that I ovulated but not high enough to sustain a pregnancy. The clomid is supposed to help with this issue. When I talked to her she said she doesn't want to waste time waiting for my day 3 labs, so start the clomid anyway. If the semen analysis is bad we can stop the clomid next month. I just hope all of this does the trick. We don't have the money saved to do any other type of treatment right now. As always I guess we will wait and see, go ovaries go!

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