Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Stress Relief.

Yesterday evening, my dear friend Kim and I started our pottery class. We are the only two people in the class, which is nice for more one on one time. We just learned the basics for now, but I did make a little bowl. I can't wait for next Monday, I can't stop thinking of what I want to make. I think I will try to sculpt one of those cute chopstick bowls, just what everyone needs.

In other news we are shower-less at our house. Our drain keeps backing up so we called the plumber (poor guy). He started working away with one of those snake things, and all I could hear from the other room was the plumber sighing and grumbling. He goes out to his van a few times to fetch more tools, again more grumbling. Each time he walks by he is more sweaty. So finally he comes out and says there is too much hair and he needs an extra part. Of course I felt guilty since I am probably the root of the problem-massive head of hair. End result no shower until he comes back tomorrow at 6pm. :( I have to shower everyday or I'll go crazy. Good thing my sis lives near by and has a working shower.

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