Thursday, September 15, 2011

Distant dream.

Sometimes being a parent seems like such a distant dream. I am tired of such a quiet house. I am ready to have the house filled with chaos and noise. I am ready to deal with late nights, dirty diapers, and having my world evolve around a child. I can tell you that I am tired of waiting, paperwork, agencies, and more waiting. I am ready to hold a sweet little one in my arms and know that all is right. Next month will be three years since we decided to start a family. I am tired of empty arms.


Rachelle said...

I hear you and I am standing there with you! I don't want to dust our highchair anymore I want to need to scour it with a hot soapy washcloth! Soon I pray, very soon for us both...all.

Theresa said...

Amen. I know how you feel. Another month, another season, another holiday all going by and all I want is just to have one child, to love and parent. This wait just wears you down with all the uncertainty. And there are so many things happening with the Ethiopia program right now that I wonder if we will wait and wait and when we are almost at the top of the list, it will close. Not a good feeling.