Thursday, July 26, 2012

Where has the time gone???

I was just reading my last post and realized that almost a whole year has gone by. Naughty blogger! Eleven days after my last blog post about empty arms, our prayers were answered. We were chosen by an expectant mother! She was young, confident in her decision that we were to be her BOY'S mommy and daddy! We met this beautiful soul in October and she gave us our first pictures of our son, an ultrasound picture. This picture never left my side, it is engrained in my memory forever. Through the next few months we all got to know one another and on February 10th all of our world's changed. We met the little man that made our world complete. We were able to be with immediately after he was born and haven't left his side since. Our hearts were so heavy for his birthmother and her family. I have never experienced so many emotions in a 24 hour period. Tears of joy and sadness. Little man is now five and a half months and is growing like mad. He fits in our family like we are blood. I know that every struggle was worth this little soul. All the pain has melted and drifted away. His smile makes my heart glow! Little man you are an angel sent straight from heaven. We didn't know that a love like this existed until you!

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