Saturday, October 9, 2010

Sniff, Sniff

This morning for some reason I was more in tune to my sense of smell and how much I love it. I love the smell of coffee! It fills our house so wonderfully on a chilly fall morning.  Also this morning the air smelled so clean and fall like, it smelt like when you are out in the woods away from the city. You just can't breathe enough of that kind of air. Then I headed over to the garden to pull up the last few carrots. The carrot tops have the sweetest and most earthy smell. The tomato's were next, the scent of a tomato plant reminds me soooo much of my Papa. He is 84 years old but tends to the most beautiful garden you have ever seen. His tomato's are his specialty. He makes quarts and quarts of pasta sauce from scratch.  Somedays you just have to appreciate the small things and the blessing of something so simple yet so complex.

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