Sunday, August 22, 2010

What we are doing.

A lot of people have asked about our adoption and the money involved. They like to say "we would have adopted but it is too expensive". God will provide for what he loves-orphans. We have done a few things on our own to cut costs and realign our budget.

  • We got rid of our cable and internet. We still have internet through our phones.
  • We only grocery shop once a week and buy meat in bulk. You should see our freezer.
  • We planted a garden, it may be small but it saves us a few dollars.
  • We buy many generic items and stopped buying snack/junk food. Our grocery cart is usually just eggs, milk, and some produce.
  • Our shopping has gone from Nordstroms and The Gap to Target and TJ Maxx.
  • I no longer get my hair done every eight weeks. I have extended my appointments out twelve weeks.
  • Ryan gets his haircut at home now, if it looks crooked you can blame me.
  • We don't eat out as much as we used to. 
  • Turned up the thermostat- I hate this one. I really like it cool in the summer, 75 degrees is not cutting it for indoors.
  • I no longer am stopping at Starbucks every morning, home brewed will have to work.
These are some of the ways we are saving money. We are also having a large yard sale this weekend to get rid of some unwanted items and the money will go towards our cause.  In the long run I don't think twice about the changes we have made, especially since they will bring us that much closer to our child.

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Alison said...

Hey Nicole! Thanks for following our blog! I love "meeting" new adoptive families! And so excited that ya'll are adopting from Ethiopia with AGCI just like us! So fun! I am excited to follow your journey to your sweet baby!