Sunday, August 29, 2010

Garage Sale Success!

Well yesterday was a crazy and great day! We feel so very thankful for the families that donated their time and unwanted items, we also were very thankful for our generous shoppers, and thanks to my Mom and Dad who lent us their yard and driveway. In all we made $2875!! My jaw hit the floor when we finally counted everything. It just goes to show that a small bag and box from a few people really can make a huge difference.  Thanks for all the weather prayers and lots of shopper prayers. Here are some great pics from the day.
This is one of the fun shirts we made, so the shoppers knew who could help them.

Here is Ryan's dad and my Papa- 84 years old, he did have to stop and take a cigar break.

Tons of shoppers.

Even the fire department showed up. I thought we did something wrong, but they were coming back from a call and were interested in the recliners. Sorry guys they are sold. We told them at our next sale we will call them the night before, if there are any recliners. It's always a great thing to be on the fire departments good side.

All of the grandparents stopped by to see the action.

Ryan and his Dad relaxing after a long day. Even Rossi was there, she was our official greeter. Next sale I am going to make her a big sis shirt.

Of course we took our picture at the end- we are dirty and greasy but very grateful. This is all for you baby Corbin, just one step closer.


Alison said...

Wow!! That was a HUGELY SUCCESSFUL garage sale!! Praise God!!!

Joshua and Hilary said...

We just did a yard sale at the end of last month and we're doing another one oct 23rd! They sure do take a lot of work but are so worth it because they really do bring in some good money! i love that the fire department showed up!