Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Where has the time gone?

Where have I been you ask? I will tell you, but it better be in a list form or I will lose your attention. Cute baby pics never hurt either.

  • I have been at Dr. Robbins' office learning after a lot of testing, and money spent that we have nothing wrong. We did two medicated cycles with great response, but no baby. It's a very weird experience to give yourself injections and feel like one giant mood swing at all times. We are no longer seeking treatment.
  • We went on a much needed vacation to Hawaii. See below.
  • Our third niece was born on March 20th. Charlie is a little fighter who went through brain surgery at just two days old. She is doing great and has the sweetest little face you have ever seen.  Mom, Dad and big sis are doing well also. Her picture is from our little photo shoot we had. I heart my camera.

  • We made a trip to Pacific City, Oregon for a long weekend. It is such a beautiful place, makes you very thankful that God has given us such an amazing earth to live.
  • We joined a new church that we absolutely love.
  • Last but not least, WE ARE GOING TO ADOPT FROM ETHIOPIA! (more info about this later).

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