Saturday, August 27, 2011


I have been putting this post off for a very long time. In April, Ry and I started feeling very uneasy about our adoption plan. We talked, prayed, and went over everything with a fine tooth comb, but couldn't feel confident or at peace with our decision, honestly I cried a lot. We waited for a while and looked into other options, but our hearts still love Africa and the orphan. We grieved over making the decision to leave the Ethiopia program.  Our choice is personal, as well are the reasons we chose to leave.  After some more thinking, more talking, more praying, and even more research we have decided to adopt domestically.  We are working with a very tiny agency here in our home town.  Adoption is never easy, international or domestic. We have experienced so many emotions on our journey to be parents.


Rachelle said...

Happy for your new journey! Exciting news for sure!

Theresa said...


I had wondered about you since you have not been posting. I pray you find peace in your heart and that everything works out for you. We struggled also with the decision whether to stay with this program or move to domestic adoption. It is such a heartwrenching decision because in the end we all just want to be parents.

Adoption is not easy.

I hope you continue to blog. Sometimes it is therapeutic and do know that there are people out here who understand your decision, your journey and we support you.