Wednesday, February 2, 2011


I have been in a slump lately. I am sure it is related to the winter weather and my lack of sunshine/vitamin D. This time of year can be so difficult. I was made for summer, since gardening is my thing. I love scratching around in the dirt. I have been trying to plan my garden now to lift my winter blues but it is just not working like it usually does. On to plan B for lifting winter blues. I just received the book "One Thousand Gifts".

I think this is the perfect choice for my reading. The reviews alone are amazing, can't wait to dive in. 


Rachelle said...

The other day I went to the green house at Manito Park. It felt like stepping into spring. Just an idea:) Also I've heard about this book too. Looking forward to hearing your reviews. Perhaps I'll read it too.
Sooo fun seeing you this weekend!
Love, Rachelle

Polly said...

So glad to hear that you are reading this book too! I have a link to an online bookclub for this book on my blog. Nice to "meet" you!

Kelly said...

Thanks for the reading suggestion..I could use a "pick me up" during this long winter season, too! :)